"the most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself"


 Using the most effective tools I can, which comes from a background of working in mental health and studying various energy psychology techniques, my priority is to uplift others on their journey towards happiness and freedom.

My speciality is working on past traumas, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts to help you get "unstuck" and be on your way to personal power. You can find out more about the specific modalities, (which I tend to combine and use based on what you share with me) by reading "What I do".

The therapeutic tools embedded in my approach are sensitive, direct, powerful and long-lasting. Here is what one of my clients has to say :

"Dominique is an absolutely incredible therapist, she uses a combination of techniques to effectively and quickly get to the core of the issue so it can be brought up, addressed and melted away...She holds a truly non judgemental space for you in such a kind and considerate way and has such a beautiful energy that she brings to her holistic approach. I could not recommend her enough and would urge you to try this therapy as part of your own healing...I have been so happy with her treatments I will definitely be back for more." (Emma Gould, therapist)

Please feel free to read more testimonials on the testimonials page.

Being brave enough to work on ourselves-to change our patterns, deserves assistance and the best environment possible for efforts to come into fruition. We often reach this point when we can no longer do what we’ve always done. This can be uncomfortable, going into the unknown...but the process doesn’t need to be traumatic. With support, accountability and resources, my role is to be there for you as you move forward, helping you to uncover your own answers and be with you on your journey. 


What I do



"Dominique is a kind, compassionate and sensitive healing practitioner. Her knowledge and wisdom never ceases to amaze me and her depth and ease at holding a strong, clear space has allowed me to feel safe and held while journeying deep within. I have experienced profound shifts and insights when working with Dominique. I have so much gratitude for the work that she so generously shares. Her years of experience shines through her joy and passion in her work and her practice. I highly recommend Dominique"

Nic Malin


“My name is Beatrice and I am full time musician from Melbourne, Australia. I came to Dom for EFT sessions because I was experiencing performance anxiety before my shows and it was extremely debilitating for me both personally and professionally. I was slightly nervous because I had never had an EFT treatment before but with Dom right from the start I felt extremely safe and cared for. As we started the session I was feeling vulnerable because the things that came up or me were deep scary stuff that I had never really voiced, even to myself. Dom however somehow managed to find the words to everything I was going through and as we worked she brought these issues up in such a kind and gentle way that I felt real acceptance and forgiveness of myself for the first time ever. There was a lot of tears and a lot of laughter. I would recommend a treatment from Dom to anyone, she has certainly had a big impact on my life and my music. She is so caring and warm and a very special healer. I am eternally grateful.”

Beatrice Lewis


“I had the luck to do a few sessions with Dominique and it was something absolutely amazing. It is incredible how she can help you reorganise the way your brain keeps certain memories and experiences. I have a background in science and I was sceptical at first, but I must admit that the sessions had a very big and positive impact on my life. Highly recommended to everyone. Thanks Dominique.”

Paul Bessone


“I would wholeheartedly recommend Dominique as an EFT practitioner. Her method works at a deep level and is impressive in the way that it manages to reach far beyond day to day cognition and defended habits of thought. Dominique is exceptionally present when she works and she brings a highly potent mixture of developed skills and great intuition to what she does. Many thanks…”

Mikael Shields


“Dominique employs an enigmatic talking technology paired with the hypnotic tap of your fingers on key energetic points. Dom has a knack for connecting rapidly to the root of each issue & helping you get yourself unstuck."

Mitch Brown


“I want you to know that the EFT workshop we did was indeed the catalyst.  A life time of hurt buried that can now be laid to rest. And it feels good to see it, own it and let it go. So I thank you dear heart. For being a part of the change I needed in my life.”

Shivana Karadag


“I met Dominique at a festival and participated in a workshop run by her. I was sceptical of the methodology employed at first, but it became apparent very quickly that the techniques and skill level of Dom were exemplary. Above all, Dom has very advanced active listening skills and an understanding of emotion and memories that in my experience are unparalleled. She has had experience across a wide range of disciplines and this is evident with her work. Her gentle charismatic persona immediately disarms any anxieties and relaxes you into working through complex issues. When working with her you can feel how genuine and honest she is and she cultivates a high level of integrity. I would not hesitate in personally recommending her. I gained a lot from a very short session, and feel that others would also benefit from working with her.”

Lewis Miu


“I was fortunate enough to experience one of Dominique's EFT workshops last year. It is a very powerful and helpful method, which she showed us how to use in a practical, compassionate and safe way. The workshop was wonderful, as a facilitator Dominique is grounded and her warmth and openness made me feel really comfortable in doing the deep work. As a tool for dealing with the many things life can stir in us, it is great and Dominique is an excellent teacher of EFT.”

Sari Komlos


“Dominique knows exactly what she is doing. She guided me through the process and cleared out some unwanted feelings and unresolved memories that had lingered in me for a while. I felt so much better afterwards.”

Blake Allen

“Dominique is a truly gifted therapist. Her natural awareness makes you feel that you are in good hands from the moment you meet her. Dominique made me feel so comfortable and open during our sessions that it allowed me to get deep inside the things that were troubling me, giving me total emotional freedom after just one session with her. It was an amazing experience, highly recommended!”

Evelyn Perez